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Today we are interviewing  Victoria Martinez Azaro from

We reached out to Victoria and asked her some crafty business DIY questions. This interview is about getting to know like-minded business owners who love craft and DIY too.



Where do you find inspiration for your projects? *

When Covid hit last year, I had to cancel many live natural dyeing workshops and I found myself teaching via email and face time to help my students achieve good consistent results with natural dyes.

It was challenging for me because I realized that I relied a lot on showing rather than telling.

Little by little I started writing little guides for my students to have as reference and as printed resources. They were super grateful. Those mini-guides worked really well and my students asked for more.

During 2021, I decided to develop those resources and they evolved into a substantial “Natural Dyeing Guide”. This guide has become a super useful teaching tool for me in my live workshops.

So, I have now launched a Natural Dyeing guide my whole Creative Mamas community, but with a little twist….

This is the first edition of this Natural Dyeing Guide. During the next few months, I will add 4 more step by step tutorials with different natural dyes as well as videos to enhance my student’s learning experience.

My intention is that this guide becomes a robust resource. Buyers will receive an email advising them of the updated version every time I add a new tutorial to this guide. The updates will be totally FREE  😊

I will also make those tutorials based on the requests that I get from them. So, they can actually tell me which tutorials they would like to see in the Guide after they buy it. They can be part of the making of this Guide (which is already 40 plus pages).

Can you remember what was your first project? *

YES! ten years ago I had my first go at dyeing a piece of cotton with tea.

Who taught you how to craft? *

I am a fashion designer and a fine artists so I kind of worked my way through fabric crafts naturally without thinking too much about it. I loved to hand sew and embroider and loved to create color.

What has been your favorite project so far? *

I love creating fabric collages and appliques using naturally dyed yarn and fabric

Have you always worked in the same craft medium or do you like to use other materials too? *

My crafts are always around textiles which include yarn, fabric and dyes.

Can you share any secrets? What are you currently working on? *

Yes! I am currently working on developing this guide further and launching the next digital product which will focus on eco printing fabric and paper 🙂 Also my main focus is on teaching women how to repurpose fabric scraps and express themselves through their creativity.

How do you find the time to work on your projects? *

I love this so much that I spend as much time as I can making and creating and then teaching what I have learnt myself:)

Do you have tips for crafters and artists just starting out? *

YES! Express yourself through your favorite medium. It’s all about well-being and being happy with what you are doing/making.

Who are your favorite artists and why? *

I have always admired the work of Judy Chicago because she brought traditionally female crafts into the fine arts scene and she had a very strong message to share.

Everyone has that dream project they want to work on, what is yours? *

I also created and lead a community project here in New Zealand which focuses on minimizing fabric waste and help migrant and refugee women create financial and well-being opportunities for themselves.  My dream is to grow this project and make it a self-sustainable operation to help more and more women every year!



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