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We were recently sent a 300 piece puzzle from Werkshoppe to review and it came in a moderately sized cylinder tub (see below), and contained a nice little pamphlet that thanked you for buying the product and a bit of information. 

There was a picture of the completed puzzle so you know how to build it, and then the actual puzzle and the pieces were all well-made and the same with the packaging. 

Completing it was extremely satisfying as puzzles regularly are, and 300 pieces is that nice balance of big enough to make you feel like you accomplished something, and not too small. I completed the puzzle in a day, and the different colours made it slightly challenging but doable. 

Now you may be thinking the 300 is too small, but for our family, it worked well, it was a start to finish project on a single day. My family struggle with large jigsaws as they lose interest. This puzzle was actually pulled apart and re-done a few times by different family members during the week.   These puzzles come in different sizes too.

Our puzzle was a picture of a house with a pool and a tiger sitting at the pool, and it was called ‘The Oasis.’ This burst of colours was incredibly satisfying, so much that once we completed it we destroyed it and finished it once again. 

The box contains the artist who drew the picture – ‘Hebe Studio’, and gave a background of the artist. To sum it up, Hebe Studio was a company created after an inspiring tour of India, which explains the image – a tiger sitting at an Indian-style house. This was a very nice puzzle to complete in lockdown, and I feel like a few more of these will be ordered by our family to fill our boredom.

Werkshoppe themselves are a great company. They support emerging artists, ensure their puzzles are sustainable and ethically made, give back to art education, and much much more to support the art and puzzle community. It’s a nice balance between supporting people in their early art careers and supporting Werkshoppe all while completing a puzzle. These puzzles aren’t expensive, either. 

The 300 piece puzzles sell for $26 USD each, which may be more than your average Walmart puzzle, but when you realise that it supports artists, it immediately becomes worth it. A great art collection piece for your games cupboard. 


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