Book Review – How to Make Multi Colored Aromatic Healing Soaps – Bath and Body

Healing soaps? Hmm if there is one thing this world needs right now it is a whole lot of healing. So let’s start with the outside first shall we. This book is about healing, using soap to deliver the healing properties of plants and oils so that your body can absorb them.  Sometimes I wonder if soap-making for healing is a little bit like a white witch? Here we are stirring our pots, making potions and concoctions.

Do you love creating things? Would you like to learn to create something beautiful and practical? Maybe you love the health benefits of hand-made natural soap but you don’t know how to make it. Or maybe you’ve made some melt and pour soap but you’d like to expand your horizons. Look no further: in this second edition of How to Make Multi Colored Aromatic Healing Soaps can give you the knowledge and inspiration to start making your own unique handmade soaps with natural colorants and essential oils.

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