Blu Monaco Desk Organizer Review – Stamping

Blu Monaco Desk Organizer Review

When I finish a card and I’m ready to mail it I had to go one place in my craft room for envelopes, another for return address labels, a totally different room for my address book, my custom stamp I use on the back of cards was also in a different spot and so on. So after many years of finishing a card and hunting all over for what I needed I realized I could really use a dedicated place that would store everything to quickly get a card ready to pop in the mail. My answer was a desk organizer from Blu Monaco.

Blu Monaco Desk Organizer Review

Blu Monaco offers many different styles, sizes and colors of desk, mail and office organizers in wood or metal to match any decor you have. These organizers and are not only perfect for card makers but scrapbookers, planner crafters or home office use too. My craft room is mostly black and white so I went with their black metal mesh Monte desk organizer. It has places for my address book, envelopes, finished cards, my wax seal and wax sticks, pens and pencils, paper clips, washi tape and even a draw for sticky notes.

I filmed a short video to share all the details with you.

Click here to visit Blu Monaco and get started organizing in your craft room too!


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