Black History Bingo Cards – Lesson Plans

Black history often gets shoved into certain times of year like Black History Month or around major holidays like Juneteenth, but of course all history is all the time history and shouldn’t be thought of only when those days come on the calendar.

This Black history heroes bingo game is both educational and fun. It includes 50 different people who made a mark on history, with icons and their names representing them on the bingo cards, as well as sheets that give a brief explanation of the person listed.

(I do have to object to the description of Bass Reeves as someone who a bridge is named after; he was born a slave and became the first Black US Marshal to work west of the Mississippi. But most of the descriptions look pretty solid.)

The cards are laminated, which is nice, and offer an easy way for kids and adults alike to learn a little Black history while playing. And there are 30 cards so it’s great for classroom use.

You can purchase a set for yourself or your classroom from Thematic Living on Etsy.

[Photo: Thematic Living.]

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