Beginner Needlepoint Sampler Class – Needle Work

Looking for a fun beginner needlepoint class?  Creative Bug has you covered with a course called Free-form Needlepoint Sampler.

The teacher, Anna Maria Horner, will teach you all of the needlepoint basics in this video.  From preparing a canvas to learning six different stitches, the class is packed with information.  You will also learn how to mix up your stitches and fit them to your own unique design.

The teacher, Ms. Horner, has a degree in fine arts and her artwork is in hundreds of homes.  She has written books on sewing and publishes various patterns.

When you purchase this course you will have access to nine video lessons, receive a detailed supply list, and have the ability to interact with other students.

What I really like about this course is that it is a free-form project.  You can really express your creativity with a class like this.

Click here to purchase this course: Free-form Needlepoint Sampler

[photo from Creative Bug]

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