Air Dry Clay Kit-24 Colors

This has to be the best air dry clay kit I have come across, it is literally a buy and forget kinda kit, meaning EVERYTHING your child needs to make things is in this boxed kit.  Perfect for kids who have a little creativity and can create their own figures and animals. The creation is up to the child, so more suited to children who can create figures, I would say for an age group of 5-15 years.  You can read more about this kit here.

WHAT YOU GET? 50g Air dry clay super value package is three times that of ordinary packaging, it’s easy to shape and not afraid of not playing enough . upgrade carving tools and tutorial book,added accessories roller and embossing model ,fun animal accessories can help shape and decorate .This model magic clay art kits also suitable for adults.

  • 24PACKS?24colors??Too many or too few colors are not conducive to children’s color recognition?the 24 colors we choose just meet the needs?Xiosag modeling clay for kids , the texture is soft and non-sticky, will not fade after repeated kneading, easy to shape , natural air drying does not crack. It is made of natural safety material,natural and nontoxic.

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