A Fuzzy Vest to Get Ready for Fall – Knitting

I am a little obsessed with knit vests. They are just so cute, and way faster than a full sweater (see you later, sleeve island!) and they are the perfect thing for layering. Over a T-shirt or dress, under a sweater when it’s really cold, they’re just versatile and fun.

And they definitely don’t have to be boring. The Fuzzy Vest from We Are Knitters uses their Fuzzy yarn, which adds an element of fun. Or you can throw in stripes, add a little cable, whatever you want. You can even change the neckline if you like without too much trouble. And because it’s worked in two pieces you can give it a high-low or a split hemline if you like, too!

It’s available as a free pattern (download after signing up for email updates) in six sizes and in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Polish.

[Photo: We Are Knitters.]

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