8 Woven Wall Tapestries For Kids To Make

These DIY craft tutorials are all for wall tapestries that have been woven. Textured wall tapestries are very popular right now, so getting the kids involved in making their own is a great creative lesson.

The process of making your own wall tapestry is tactile, uses fine motor skills, and of course, uses creativity!

I have included 8 variations, you can design your homemade wall tapestry as large or as small as you like. For smaller children, smaller projects definitely work better, but if you are looking to make a large wall tapestry for your lounge room or over a mantle then consider making it a family project, or even a project that gets added too.

I recently made a large wall tapestry and added small shells we found on our recent beach walk, the kids then added some dried leaves they found at Grandma’s house. It is basically an ongoing work of art right in our own living room.  If you are interested in learning more about weaving you may want to check out these kids’ craft books on weaving

or these Weaving craft kits.


Recycled Plastic Bag Rainbow Weaving

A Beginners Attempt at Weaving With Kids

Weaving with Kids – ARTBAR

Weaving for Kids with Fabric + A Cardboard Loom

Weaving Ideas for Kids: Yarn Weaving on a Cardboard Loom

Weaving for Kids: DIY Twig Frame. Great for Tweens & Teens

How to Make a Simple Box Loom Weaving

Tapestry Weaving for Tweens



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