7 Ways to Sew a Stay Put Hand Towel For The Kitchen

We’ve all been through the routine of either not being able to find a dish towel

in the kitchen, or having troubles with it staying on the stove handle.  Don’t let that happen again.   Have you ever heard of a Stay Put towel?  Check out these 7 sewing patterns and take some time this weekend to make your own stay put kitchen towels.  Never again will you be searching for a lost towel in your kitchen or picking one up of the dirty kitchen floor.

Dish towels with hangers are perfect for anyone with little kids who are learning to hang their towels. Perfect for the bathroom towel too.



1- Hanging Dish Towel from Kleios Belly


2- Homemade Hand Towels from Little Home Living


3- Kitchen Towel Dress from The Whoot


4- New Style of Hand Towel from Stitched by Janay


5- Sew Handy Fridge Towels from Sew Can She


6- Hanging Hand Towel with Ties from About Home


7- Ruffled Hanging Dish Towel from All Free Sewing



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