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Our feet are so often the most neglected when it comes to skincare and pampering. Why is that? We’re on our feet all day and we rely on our feet for balance and walking, so why don’t we show our poor feet a little more love? Read on for 6 recipes you can use to pamper your feet this weekend and turn those poor, tired tootsies into happy feet!

This simple recipe for Rosemary and Peppermint Foot Scrub ticks every box. It is super quick, super easy, and super cheap to make and it will make your feet feel SO good! The rosemary and peppermint in this recipe are cooling and will help make your feet feel refreshed, relaxed, and can help ease foot discomfort!

Soothe your feet with this homemade foot soak recipe. You can whip up this foot soak DIY recipe in just minutes and use it to help cool and refresh tired, achy feet!

Treat your feet with this easy homemade food scrub that smells delicious.

Whether you have a cold or experiencing chills from illness or cold weather, this foot soak is for you. Using manuka honey and ginger, this foot soak will help promote better circulation while helping to clear respiratory pathways and providing a sense of warming comfort on the feet.

Do your feet ache and hurt a lot, especially after being on them all day? Then this DIY ache and pain foot mask is for you. Soothe and calm tired, achy feet with this simple, DIY mask, and get those feet back to feeling good ASAP!

Lotion Bars resemble a bar of soap, but they’re full of moisturizing butters and oils that nourish and smooth skin. You rub the lotion bar directly on your skin and rub it in to soothe and moisturize dry, tired feet.

I hope you take some time this weekend to whip up one or more of these recipes and use them to show your feet some love! If you do, I’d love to hear which recipe(s) you tried and how you liked it in the comments!

Happy Crafting!

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