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Lotion bars became popular thanks to Lush stores, so what exactly is a lotion bar? A lotion bar is a solid bar used for moisturizing your skin. Lotion bars are made using low temp oils that melt when they touch the warmth of your skin. Yes, you do need to keep your homemade lotion bars in a cool place or better still in the fridge. Yes, they will melt on a hot day. It is not advised to keep lotion bars in your handbag or purse, trust me on this one.

So we couldn’t narrow down the list, so we went with over 45 tutorials showing you how to make different solid lotion bars. All of these recipes use a low temp solid oil, such as Cocoa butter, Shea butter, or are hardened with cosmetic beeswax. Depending on what ingredients you add to your lotion bar will determine what your lotion bar is good for. Certain essential oils can be added to alleviate skin complaints and even CBD oil

to help with sore and tired muscles.


Here is a basic solid lotion bar recipe to give you an idea of the ingredients for making your own lotion bar.

1 part Beeswax

1 part Cocoa Butter
1 part Coconut Oil


Essentially, these DIY lotion bars are compressed moisturizing lotions.

If you can not obtain coconut oil, then substitute it with apricot or other massage base oils.

Start by melting the ingredients together using a double boiler method. Once all the ingredients are melted pour the mix into lotion bar molds

and allow to set.

Soap molds that are square and basic are great for these lotion bars as they are easy to hold on to.

How To Make A Lotion Bar
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