4 Fabulous Hand Embroidery Sailboat Patterns – Needle Work

Ever dream of sailing the ocean blue in a sailboat or sailing ship?  Well then these four fabulous hand embroidery designs are the perfect way to capture that feeling.  They are also a lot cheaper than a real boat and they last forever too.  All four of these pdf patterns are available for purchase over on Etsy and are for various hand embroidery skill levels.  While you are there, check out the other lovely designs available too.

  1. Perfect for beginners, this sweet design is two friends off on a sailing adventure.  What fun and how cute for a child’s room!
  2. Stormy seas face this beautiful sailing vessel and that is depicted beautifully in this design.  With lots of waves and stars in the sky, this is a pdf purchase.
  3. While you may not be able to sail away in a viking ship anymore, you can certainly capture one in this pattern available to download after purchasing.
  4. Called “Crimson Sails” this sailing ship is regal as it sails across the sea!

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