4 Easy Fruit Carving Ideas – Edible Crafts

I often wondered why one would make a carving of fruit or vegetables. Sure it looks pretty, but why not just eat it as is?

Well, it actually was a common way to present fruit to royalty. They accompanied gourmet dishes for palace meals, but were also used as religious offerings. The carvings were usually based on or replicated from nature. Usually flowers and leaves which were simple and pleasant.

Nowadays, if you have a knack for art, you can essentially turn any fruit or vegetable into a masterpiece.

Visit these sites below for surprisingly easy carvings you can do to spice up any table!

Apple Swan – So simple and so elegant, but you will need a sharp knife and a steady hand. Practice makes perfect!

Strawberry Roses – A very simple technique using the strawberry’s natural shape as a canvas and carving leaves in the sides. Add skewers to the bottoms to make stems.

Fruit Flower Garden – These wouldn’t take much creativity or time as you can cheat and use cookie cutter flowers to make this adorable edible garden. Add popsicle sticks to make fencing for a more realistic look.

Tinkerbell Watermelon Carving – So this is a photo, but again so simple to make. Hollow out a watermelon with a melon baller and make a teacup shape, add other fruits as filler and trace a Tinkerbell silhouette using the leftover rind. I can’t tell you how impressed I would be seeing this on any breakfast table!

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