30+ Rainbow Crafts For Kids

This roundup is for different types of kids’ crafts all in the theme of rainbows. Rainbow parties have been very popular over the past few years which has exploded the DIY rainbow and DIY Rainbow crafts amongst kids. Besides who doesn’t love a rainbow?  If you are planning a Rainbow party, check out these Rainbow Party decorations

we found.

So what exactly is a rainbow? A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. Or a very pretty artwork produced by mother nature to remind us how wonderfully magic the world is.

Rainbows have also been used to celebrate Gay pride so any of these crafts could be used to celebrate gay rights too.

Looking for more resources for Rainbows? Check out these Rainbow kids Books perfect for pairing with one of the rainbow crafts or activities below.


Kids Craft – Paper Unicorn Rainbow 

Cardboard Collage Rainbow Art 

Polymer Clay- St Patricks Day Rainbow Bracelet

Broken Crayon Solution: Rainbow Crayon Cupcakes 

Rainbow Bud Tree — CraftBits.com 

Kid Craft: Cotton Ball Rainbow Art

Painted Stone Rainbow – Kids Craft


Paper Plate Rainbow Yarn Art Craft

Rainbow Pony Bead Prism Suncatcher

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

Crafts for Kids: Kite Paper Stars – Playful Learning

How to make Bleeding Tissue Paper Canvas Art

Rainbow Candle Holder: a cool DIY candle holder to keep or gift!

Rainbow Heart Magnets


Rainbow Flower – Sew a Softie — Sum of their Stories Craft Blog

Rainbow Crafts – colour wheel free printable

How to Make Rainbow Stone Stackers 

Next Mess Free Rainbow Activity for Babies, Toddlers, & Preschoolers 

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Rainbow Leaf Prints- with Washable Marker

How to Make a Rainbow Jar Kids Craft –

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Rainbow Bracelet Craft – Fun Easy Kid Craft

Rainbow Cloud Craft 

Cotton Ball Rainbow Craft

Paper Plate Rainbow Kid Craft

Toilet Roll and Cotton ball Windsock Rainbow

Rainbow Cotton Ball Painting

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