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We all have some seashells and glass and general ‘junk’ from the beach, and you probably have no use for them all. That’s why we’ve created this list of 17 Wind Chimes that you can make with seashells and sea glass. This is a creative way to use some old keepsakes from your holidays, as it isn’t perfectly safe to go out to the beach again. You can use these to lighten up your garden or add some color to your house. That’s why these are perfect;  it uses things that everyone has, and you can put them anywhere and they will still look amazing.   Check out these artist-designed sea glass wind chimes you can buy on Etsy.

These beach crafts can be used as an activity for everyone. Holiday crafts are a great activity to remind you of good memories you had on the beach, especially as so many people around the world are unable to go to the beach right now, whether it be because of restrictions or even just winter.

Don’t have sea glass? did you know you can make your own faux sea glass, check out this sea glass article here.  You can also buy sea glass

and driftwood here.

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DIY seashell wind chime

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