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Crystals are the new unicorn when it comes to home decor, and thank goodness I was starting to get over all the foxes, llamas, and unicorns. Time for something a little more down-to-earth, literaly.

I have included 12 simple DIY soap-making tutorials that all produce crystal-like or crystal-inspired soap. These would make amazing gifts.  You can use gemstone silicone molds

or carve your soap for a natural larger chunk of crystal soap.

Crystals are all about intentions and intuition, so pick a crystal that appeals to you and design your soap around it. Personally of all these soap recipes below for crystal soaps, I love the rose quartz one using pink rock salt

. It is simple but effective. You could add these rocks salts to any basic melt and pour soap and get the same desired effect for minimal skill and effort.


Soap Queen Rose Quartz Cold Process Soap Tutorial

Agate Spin Swirl Soap Project

Gemstone Soap DIY (Two Ways!)

Make Your Own Crystal Soaps

DIY Glycerine Soap Gem Stones

Amethyst Crystal Soap Tutorial

10-Minute DIY Gemstone Soaps

DIY Gemstone Soaps + My MakersKit Collaboration

Easy DIY Crystal Gemstone Soaps ? Dream a Little Bigger

Gorgeous Geode Soap Tutorial

Geode Soap Tutorial for Valentine’s Day Gifts or Just Because



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