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I don’t know about you, but we probably all learned how to transfer embroidery designs onto our canvas in different ways.  We also may not love the way we do it, but aren’t quite sure about other methods.  Now you don’t have to worry.  Amy over at Amy Loves to Sew brings us this helpful list of 10 ways to transfer embroidery patterns.

From light boxes to disappearing pens, this detailed list has got you covered.  Each method includes a write-up which goes over the pros and cons of it.  That was helpful to me.  I get set in my ways and once I learn one method, it takes a lot for me to try something new out.  After reading this article though, I think I will try a new way.

You’ll be a pattern transferring expert in now time with this list.

You can find the complete article here: 10 Ways to Transfer Embroidery Designs

[photo from Amy Loves to Sew]

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