10 Food Themed Pinatas You Can Make At Home – Party Ideas

This DIY craft roundup is for 10 food-themed pinatas. Food themed pinatas can be used for a large array of different party themes, from Mexican parties

, summer-themed parties and even generalized parties that have no theme as such but the pinata can be a “party food” decoration such as the pizza or cake pinatas below.

Some of these pinatas would be perfect for adults and children alike, pick a theme and get started in learning to make your own DIY pinata, such a fun way to create your own party decoration and pinatas are relatively inexpensive to make, in fact, the dearest thing about a Pinata is, of course, the Pinata candy



How To Make a Sweetie Pinata – Kit & Caboodle Parties


Cinco De Mayo DIY: Watermelon Piñata

How to make a pizza piñata + punny pizza buttons!

Giant Popsicle Pinata DIY 

Easy Pineapple Pinata Tutorial (DIY) – by Press Print Party!

Donut Pinata

DIY Ice Cream Pinata | Better Homes & Gardens  

Projet DIY – Piñata Citron 

Avocado Piñata — OhCarlene

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