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The natural texture of clay is so popular right now and it is a medium that really appeals to me. I love the wholesome feeling of non perfect rustic surfaces.

These tutorials all show you how to make a fake or faux clay vase or pot for your home decorations. One of my favorite things about making your own fake clay pots is the thrifting from old vases to new. One of these clay pot tutorials even uses a teapot and it is simply stunning!

Clay pots can be used to decorate all different house decor styles, from boho, to beachy and elegant. Depending on the color of paint you use, you can really turn the style of your creations. I love a salmon-colored pot but you can paint your clay pot whatever color you like using Acrylic paints and the secret ingredient for the best most realistic fake clay pot is Bi carb soda.

The soda gives the paint a thick texture that dries like chalk paint for a flat non glossy finish to your clay pot design.

Faux Ceramic Planters 


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DIY Faux Clay Vase

Faux Ceramic Vase 


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Another technique is using paper mache pulp to create a more uneven textured pot, giving you the ability to add handles too.

We loved this video tutorial showing you step by step how to make your own fake fauz clay pots



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