10 Cotton Ball Art Projects For Kids


Who needs paintbrushes when you have cotton balls

.  I love these cotton ball art projects for a few different reasons, first I love that kids get to use something that is outside the box when it comes to painting.  It teaches them that sometimes things have a different purpose and also that we can achieve things without conforming to the normalities, such as using a paintbrush.

Of course, there are the whole fine motor skills that comes into play also, grasping a cotton ball is harder than a paintbrush. However, the thing I love most about art with cotton balls, is you do not need to wash out all the brushes!  You can either throw them away or dry them out in the sun, pack them away and use them for another day when you need some colored texture to a collage or drawing.

You really only need some cotton balls and paint to pull of these 10 projects, you could even use water on the concrete if you don’t have any paint.  My favorite paint for kids activities is Crayola water-based paint.

It is easy to clean up and readily available.


Apple Tree Painting with Cotton Balls

Rainbow Cotton Ball Painting 

Cotton Ball Art Work — CraftBits.com

Gorgeous Cherry Blossom Painting with Cotton Balls

Cotton Ball Painting

Painting with Cotton Balls and Clothespins

Stormy Clouds Painting Activity.

Splat Painting: Easy and Fun Action Art for Children

Cotton Ball Heart Painting •

Craft Pom Poms Stamping/Painting


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