KÜHL Women’s Sun Protection Shirts

KÜHL women's sun protection shirts

By Stephanie Harper – Let’s talk sun protective clothing. As soon as Summer hits the mountains where we live in Western North Carolina, I immediately begin stocking up on all the bug sprays and sunscreens along with a brimmed hat of some sort to throw in my backpack for easy access whenever we’re outside. But sometimes bug spray and sun protection isn’t enough. Enter: KÜHL sun protection shirts; because who doesn’t love wearability combined with functionality when shopping for outdoor clothing?

The Perks of KÜHL’s Women’s Sun Protection Shirts

I had the chance to test out three different pieces from KÜHL’s line of women’s Sun Protection Shirts on a recent trip to the river and surrounding swimming holes. I felt at ease knowing if I forgot to slather on sunblock I’d have an extra layer of coverage as the shirts provided a maximum UPF of 50+ sun protection, plus some added perks which I appreciated:

  • Incredibly soft, Tencel fabric blend for breathability 
  • A beautiful drape that offers a flattering feminine fit
  • Easy on and off for layering in all weather
  • Ultra lightweight and quick drying performance
KÜHL women's short sleeve sun protection shirt

KÜHL Konstance Short Sleeve Sun Protection Shirt

We found a little waterfall to explore and we had to climb a steep grade to get to it. The Konstance Tank was a great layering top. The material was easy to move around in while providing some much needed relief being sleeveless–when I got close to the waterfall the occasional spritz of water was welcomed whenever a breeze would pass through. 

This short sleeve sun protection shirt retails for $40.

KÜHL women's long sleeve sun protection pullover

KÜHL Bandita Half Zip Sun Protection Pullover

I waded in the cold river water and when I got out I was definitely chilled. Living in the mountains can throw major curveballs in the realm of weather, so we’re used to always bringing extra layers. The Bandita ½ Zip Pullover is my new favorite piece of quick-dry, multifunctional clothing. As Gus was getting in and out of the water, I noticed he would come up and swipe me several times–if you have a dog you know how problematic this may be. Not once did his slobber stick to my pullover, rather it dissipated. 

This sun protection pullover retails for $79.

KÜHL women's long sleeve plaid sun protection shirt

KÜHL Hadley Plaid Long Sleeve Sun Protection Shirt

Afterward, we headed to a swimming hole tucked into a hidden grove. The sun was definitely beating down in the section we decided to play in. I grabbed the Hadley Plaid Long Sleeve and threw it on as we waded in and out of the water. 

I liked that I didn’t have to wear it buttoned up all the way because the drape on it was lovely and didn’t pull or get caught as it was open. I did not overheat even though it was providing major protection from the midday sun. 

This long sleeve sun protection shirt retails for $75.

My Final Thoughts on KÜHL’s Women’s Sun Protection Shirts

All three pieces from Kuhl’s Sun Protection Line for women proved to be useful and looked great during multiple wardrobe changes during our time on the river. 

I did wish the Bandita ½ Zip Pullover provided a bit more room across the chest, as I’m a bit top heavy. When I wanted to zip up, it was very tight. However, I made it work and I was grateful for the zip-down option with all the dramatic changes in temperature throughout the day. 

I’m looking forward to layering up or down with each of these beautiful pieces, year round, knowing they are providing me with optimum sun protection and can withstand any outdoor adventure. 

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