30-Day Rewilding Challenge Activity Calendar


Mother nature is a great teacher. Child-directed, play-based outdoor education curriculum provides learners the critical space to hone in on their personal interests and intentionally develop skills through practical, hands-on experiences.

We know you don’t want to be glued to the screen. You want to foster a deeper practice of connecting yourself and your family to nature and inspire insightful approaches to education that also builds upon the fundamental basics of early childhood environmental education.

What Is Rewilding?

Hidden in each of us, under our domesticated human exterior, is a wild child, woman, and man, yearning to reconnect to our roots. The Rewilding Movement was born from the innate human desire to restore our internal ecosystems to their wild and natural state, so we may find a more fulfilling life that is truly integrated and engaged with nature.

Outdoor Families Magazine created the 30-Day Rewilding Challenge to help you learn how to reconnect your family’s life with easy, daily outdoor activities. Download and print our 30-Day Rewilding Challenge calendar below to get started.

We also invite you to join the Outdoor Families Magazine’s Rewilding Facebook Group. There you will find NEW monthly challenges, offering all daily outdoor activities for you and your family to participate in, as well as a like-minded and supportive community.

Now, on to the 30-Day Rewilding Challenge. Check out the calendar below or download it for free here and happy rewilding!

Looking for more outdoor activities for kids? Check out our massive list of 130+ FREE Outdoor Learning Ideas, including nature-based STEM curriculum.


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