30-Day Mini Outdoor Adventure Activity Calendar – FREE Printable!


Let’s be honest. We are all exhausted. We are being pushed and pulled in too many directions, placed in difficult situations that we may not be prepared to handle.

Homeschooling, co-schooling, digital schooling, hybrid schooling, worldschooling, roadschooling, wildschooling, unschooling. No mater what your family has chosen, it’s right for you.

Since March, we have really shifted gears for you. We have listened to our readers and one thing is resoundingly clear; You want our help. WE GOT YOU!

Before we get to our newest 30-Day Mini Outdoor Adventure Activity Calendar, here’s a quick recap of some really great new resources we’ve created over the last 4 months, to help you get outside safely and frequently:

130+ FREE Outdoor Learning Activities for Kids Stuck at Home

30-Day Rewilding Challenge Activity Calendar

Junior Naturalist Week One – Bug Observation Lesson Plan

Junior Naturalist Week Two – Tree Observation Lesson Plan

Junior Naturalist Week Three – Pollinators & Garden Observation Lesson Plan

Also, join Outdoor Families Magazine’s Rewilding Facebook Group to find even more outdoor activity inspiration and connect with our like-minded and supportive community.

2017 mother's day gift guide adventurer

Now, on to the 30-Day Mini Outdoor Adventure Activity Calendar. Check out the calendar below or download it for free here and happy adventuring!

stephanie harper writer

Stephanie Harper is a freelance writer who lives in Asheville, NC. Originally from Oakland, CA, she and her husband, James, decided to move their blended family cross-country in hopes to broaden their landscape for outdoor adventuring and love of nature. You can follow the Harper family on her blog raisingkidswild.com.


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