Zombies will soon invade ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’

Ubisoft will roll out the latest title update for Watch Dogs: Legion on June 1st and it will add a mode that the publisher has kept under wraps until now. Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead will task you and up to three teammates with reaching an extraction point. Along with tackling human hostiles, you’ll need to battle your way through the undead. That’s right, Watch Dogs: Legion is getting a zombies mode, as first reported by IGN.

Along with taking down zombies with a well-placed headshot (always aim for the head), you’ll be able to use gadgets and hacked objects like cars and weaponized drones against them. If a creature knocks down one of your teammates, you’ll be able to revive them. As you make your way through the streets of London toward the extraction point, you’ll need to collect a number of supply packages.

There are a couple of catches with the zombies mode. It’s PC-only for now and it’s currently in alpha, so there might be some bugs and there could be some major changes to it in the coming weeks and months. There’s a consolation for those with current consoles, as title update 4.5 includes a 60 frames-per-second performance option for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

If you’ve been looking for another fun way to mow down hordes of zombies with your buds until Back 4 Blood (Turtle Rock’s spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead) arrives later this year, Legion of the Dead might do the trick.

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