Xbox will host another indie games showcase on August 10th

will host its second [email protected] indie game showcase of the year on Twitch next week. The stream starts at 12pm ET on August 10th. You’ll be able to watch it on the and channels.

Xbox will show off “tons” of games during the showcase, which will involve developers and publishers including Rebellion and Chump Squad. Along with updates on games such as and , new titles will be announced.

There will be some Xbox Game Pass news as well. During the first [email protected] and Twitch showcase in March, Microsoft revealed another 22 indie games that were bound for Game Pass on their release day, including , Boyfriend Dungeon and The Ascent, which has blown up since it arrived last week. On Tuesday, you can expect to learn about a bunch more games that have set a course for Game Pass.

The showcase isn’t the only notable gaming event taking place this month. Gamescom’s Opening Night Live is set for August 25th. The two-hour shindig will some of this holiday season’s biggest titles and offer a look at “what lies beyond,” according to host and producer Geoff Keighley.

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