WhatsApp is finally figuring out true multi-device support

WhatsApp will soon add one of its most heavily-requested (and rumored) features: true multi-device support. According to The Verge, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart told WABetaInfo in an interview that up to four devices can be linked to an account without needing an active internet connection on the main device. All your messages will still have end-to-end encryption, Zuckerberg said.

A public beta for multi-device support will be coming within the next two months, Cathcart added.

You’ll also see more privacy-minded features in upcoming beta releases. You’ll soon have an option to make disappearing messages the default for new conversations, and a “view once” feature will let recipients only see photos and videos a single time before they vanish.

The additions won’t help WhatsApp overcome the gripes some have with its latest privacy policy. They could make WhatsApp more competitive with other messaging apps that already support multi-device connections, though, and might keep some users from flocking to secure chat alternatives like Signal and Telegram.

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