Walmart announces a delivery service for local retailers

has a delivery service for local businesses, which should be up and running by the end of the year. It plans to use drones and self-driving cars as part of the Walmart GoLocal infrastructure. Earlier this year, Walmart in Cruise after previously with GM’s autonomous vehicle startup.

Local retailers might be able to keep using their current commerce platform and hook it into GoLocal. It’s a white-label service, so deliveries won’t be made by Walmart-branded vehicles. Associates, members of the and other delivery companies will handle orders, according to

Walmart says it will be able to offer delivery within two hours in certain markets. There’s a two-day delivery option as well. The company claims shipping will be priced competitively and that it can handle everything from groceries to kiddie pools and oversize items.

GoLocal is a key part of Walmart’s strategy and it should help the company to diversify revenue streams. There might be some advantages for small businesses as well. It could slightly level the playing field with the likes of , which is largely and promising same-day or next-day delivery in many cases.

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