Twitter explains how Ticketed Spaces will work for paid events

Twitter is continuing to explore ways for its users to make money from their followers, and has shared more details on its latest effort Ticketed Spaces today. The company has been expanding its Clubhouse-like feature that lets people with at least 600 followers create audio-only events called Spaces. Ticketed Spaces would enable users to charge for entry to these rooms. 

Ticketed Spaces hosts will be able to set the entry prices as well as the number of tickets available. A Twitter spokesperson told Engadget that “hosts can earn up to 80 percent of the revenue on ticket sales after platform fees are deducted on in-app purchase sales.” That means users should expect Twitter to take a 20 percent fee after the cut that Google and Apple take from the Android and iOS in-app payments. Ticketed Spaces will use payment processing merchant Stripe to facilitate sales, and those who want to host will need a Stripe account.

A report from The Verge added that users who want to host Ticketed Spaces need to have at least 1,000 followers. They must also be 18 years or older and have hosted at least three Spaces in the past 30 days.

According to Twitter’s spokesperson, people can apply to be part of the test group within its app, and it plans to select its first set of hosts a few weeks after applications open. While anyone around the world will be able to buy tickets to paid Spaces, only those in the US can sell tickets for now. It’s not yet clear when applications will open, but given the expansion of Spaces to more people earlier this month, it looks like Twitter may be ready to start this pretty soon.

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