Tinder will let you block people based on their phone number

With hot girl summer 2021 quickly approaching and a lot of young people getting back into the dating pool after months in lockdown, Tinder is making it easier to avoid old flings (and the awkward feelings that inevitably follow). Using its newly introduced Block Contacts feature, you can prevent people you have in your phone’s address book from showing up when you go to swipe. Anyone you add to the app’s internal blocklist won’t see you on the platform, nor will you see them. You can even block contacts that haven’t joined Tinder yet, preventing future surprises. If you want to check out the feature, it’s accessible through the profile settings menu.

Besides ex-partners, Tinder points out you can use the blocking tool not to see family members, coworkers and college professors. You have to imagine some people will also use it to hide cheating, but even if not everyone is using the feature in the way Tinder intended, it should help make online dating a bit more bearable for the rest of us. 

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