This $35 case lets you attach an AirTag to your AirPods Pro

Let’s face it, Apple’s may be small and pocketable, but they’re also easy to lose. If you’re the type of person who’s prone to misplacing their belongings, accessory maker Spigen might have something that could help. As spotted by , the company has released the , a $34.99 case that protects your AirPods Pro case while including a slot for an AirTag.

Spigen isn’t the first accessory maker to make something like this, but the company’s solution has a certain elegance to it. Not only is there a built-in slot for Apple’s lost item tracker, but it also comes with a handy carabiner on the side and a cutout on the bottom to leave the Lightning port unobstructed. You also don’t have to take the case off to charge your AirPods Pro wirelessly.

At $64 for both the case and a single AirTag, Spigen’s Tag Armor Duo isn’t exactly a cheap option. It’s also worth pointing out will include a feature that will allow the AirPods Pro to connect to Apple’s Find My network over Bluetooth. Still, if you want the most peace of mind possible, you could do worse than the Tag Armor Duo. With an AirTag attached to your AirPods Pro case, you can use the U1 chip on a recent iPhone to find the case using an ultra-wideband connection. That allows you to take advantage of Apple’s Precision Finding feature to make locating it easier. The tag also includes a speaker so it can ring to let you know where it is. 

You can buy the Tag Armor Duo from Spigen’s website and Amazon.    

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