The Xbox Mini Fridge will keep your gamer juice cool this holiday season

Microsoft’s “one more thing” during the Xbox and Bethesda E3 showcase wasn’t an Elder Scrolls 6 teaser, unfortunately. Instead, as promised, it’s making an Xbox Mini Fridge

The trailer has a jokey tone, but Microsoft promises that it’s really making a mini fridge that looks like an Xbox Series X, and it’s coming this holiday season. The company calls it the “world’s most powerful mini fridge” and says it uses Xbox velocity cooling architecture. It seems you’ll be able to store several cans of your favorite energy drink.

Aaron Greenberg, the general manager of Xbox games marketing, said in April that Microsoft would lean into the meme and build a mini fridge if it won a Twitter brand contest. Xbox was victorious, and so the appliance is actually coming. There’s no word yet as to whether you’ll be able to buy the Xbox Mini Fridge or if Microsoft will be giving these away, just like the full-sized fridge it dished out last year.  

Here’s hoping Microsoft builds in Xbox game streaming tech. If that’s the case, it’ll almost be an Xbox that happens to keep your drinks cool.

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