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Before Jeff Bezos launched Blue Origin, and just two years after Elon Musk founded SpaceX, Richard Branson opened Virgin Galactic with an eye to making space a tourist destination. Since then, between delays and the 2014 VSS Enterprise crash, things haven’t quite gone to plan.

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic

However, this weekend the company did successfully complete a rocket-powered test flight, which was also its first trip to space in over two years. It was the first time people launched from Virgin Galactic’s Spaceport USA location in New Mexico and makes it seem 2022 might actually be the year it delivers on some of those orbital journeys.

— Richard Lawler

And the AirPods Max situation has been explained.

HomePod speakers

Engadget / Nathan Ingraham

Last week, Apple announced its music service will add Dolby Atmos audio and lossless tracks in June. However, the news came with a notable caveat — Bluetooth technology can’t handle lossless audio, and devices like the HomePod speaker or its AirPods Max won’t support the format at launch.

Now, an Apple support document confirms the HomePod and HomePod mini will get support for lossless streaming via WiFi in a future update. As for its $550 headphones, Apple said the AirPods Max can technically listen to a lossless track via the Lightning to 3.5mm audio cable, but some detail will be lost in the transition from analog back to digital.
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Monitors with built-in connected features that don’t rely on your PC.

Samsung Smart Monitor


On top of the 27- and 32-inch models launched late last year, Samsung is now offering the 43-inch 4K M7 and 24-inch 1080p M5, filling in the top and bottom of the range. They have built-in speakers and smart TV functionality powered by Samsung’s Tizen OS, letting you run streaming apps like Netflix without the need to power on your computer. At the same time, you can connect your Galaxy smartphone via DeX, letting you use it as a desktop “computer.”

The company hasn’t released any pricing, but the current 27-inch M5 and 32-inch M7 models are $230 and $400 respectively.
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The discovery suggests the Milky Way is loaded with particle accelerators.

ScienceNews reports that a team using the China-based Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory (LHAASO) has detected the most energetic light to date coming from a group of a dozen gamma ray “hotspots,” with the most energy coming from a ray with about 1.4 quadrillion electron volts. The previous record-setting ray managed ‘just’ under a quadrillion electron volts.
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The video set a record for premieres when it debuted to 3.9 million simultaneous viewers.



BTS is apparently determined to hold its YouTube records. Variety reports that the K-pop group broke its own record for the most YouTube views in the space of 24 hours, racking up 113 million plays for its music video “Butter.” That’s about 12 million more than the 101.1 million from the superstars’ last record-smasher, “Dynamite,” which premiered in August last year.
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But wait, there’s more…

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