Spotify will soon automatically transcribe podcasts

Spotify has announced a few accessibility improvements for its mobile apps, including automatic transcripts. In the coming weeks, the company will start generating transcripts for some of its original and on iOS and Android. Along with reading a text version of the podcasts, you’ll be able to tap on a section of a transcript and start playing the podcast audio from that point.

Eventually, Spotify to switch on automatic transcripts for all podcasts. That’ll be useful for podcast creators who’d like to make their shows more accessible, but might lack the resources to create transcripts by themselves.

Spotify is also improving accessibility in its user interface. Starting today, you might see changes to how buttons look. Spotify is tweaking the color, text formatting and size of some buttons to make it easier for visually impaired and low-vision people to use the app. The company suggests the tweaks, including to the shuffle playlist button, might be helpful for everyone in low lighting situations or when there’s a high level of screen reflection. Spotify also says switching button text formatting from all caps will create more room for translation and localization into other languages.

Additionally, Spotify is adding support for larger text size options. On iOS, you can make adjustments via the Larger Text option in the Display & Text Size section of your device’s accessibility settings.

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