Spotify adds handy search filters to its mobile apps

is rolling out music and podcast search filters on its iOS and Android apps. When you type in something, you’ll soon see tab filters under the search bar. Tapping on one refines the search results. The filters include top results, artists, songs, playlists, albums, podcasts & shows, episodes and profiles.

If you search for “cooking,” for instance, you’ll be able to browse curated dinner playlists, podcasts featuring chefs and playlists created by users, Spotify suggests. Search filters should be available to all Spotify mobile users in the coming weeks. They don’t herald a massive change, but they should help you find what you’re looking for a bit faster, and perhaps let you discover some new music and podcasts.

Spotify has made some other changes to the mobile user interface recently. It the home screen again in March to help you get back to things you’ve been listening to, such as unfinished podcast episodes. , the company said it’s revamping the look of some buttons to improve accessibility. It will also start automatically transcribing podcasts.

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