Sierra founders Ken and Roberta Williams are developing a new game

It’s been over two decades since we’ve had anything new from Ken and Roberta Williams, the legendary video game developers behind Sierra On-Line. Now, they’re poised to come back with a new game that they’ve been working on with 3D artist Marcus Maximus Mera. The game is simply called The Secret at the moment, though that’s just a preliminary title that could change along the way. It has a website with information on what’s happening behind the scenes, but it doesn’t contain details about the game itself. 

All we know at this point is that it’s a “Sierra-flavored” single-player game in the same vein as the company’s famous titles, such as King’s Quest and Leisure Suit Larry. It will likely be another adventure game based on that information — it will be made with modern audiences in mind, though, and Mera’s 3D graphics will be a contributing factor. 

On the game’s website, Ken said Roberta’s involvement has been minimal so far, but she will be more and more involved as they get closer to release. Roberta wrote the point-and-click adventure games Sierra is known for, including King’s Quest and its sequels along with Phantasmagoria, and has been often referred to as the “Queen of the Graphic Adventure.” 

The Secret has been in development over the past six months, and the developers are hoping to start beta testing in August. Their goal is to release the game in November, but they admit that the timeline probably isn’t realistic, especially since they still only have placeholder graphics. They’re promising to release additional details, demos and screenshots at a later date, but fans may have to wait a bit longer than five months before they can play it.

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