Oculus will soon let you see how silly you look while playing VR games

Fresh off the v28 firmware rollout and introducing features like , Oculus has what’s next for the platform. Among the latest features is a live overlay, which let you watch yourself using VR apps in real-time.

If you have an iPhone XS or newer, you can add a live feed of yourself on top of whatever you’re doing in VR. So, if you’ve been wondering how you look while playing or swinging a lightsaber in , you’ll soon get to find out.

Oculus will initially grant a small number of users access to Live Overlay as a test feature. It will work with any VR app that supports casting and recording, and you can share videos with the overlay intact. You’ll also be able to capture your voice using the Quest’s built-in microphone when you’re recording or casting video to a web browser.

Also in v29, Oculus is adding a way to see iPhone notifications while using your headset as part of the system-level Infinite Office features. If you have an iPhone 7 or above, you can enable iOS phone notifications. Android support is on the way. Oculus says it’s offering users more access and control over files with a revamped files app. In addition, you’ll have another way to access the passthrough function so you can see the world around you without having to take off your headset. A passthrough home “eye” icon will be added to the quick settings menu.

Earlier this year, Oculus enabled app sharing and multi-user accounts on more recent headsets. With v29, owners of the original Oculus Quest will be able to use the features too. Meanwhile, Oculus will soon start testing ads for VR experiences in its mobile app. Developers will be able to run ads to help people discover their apps, and you’ll have some control over .

Oculus is rolling out firmware v29 gradually, so it could take a little while to reach all users.

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