Now you can unlock 1Password’s browser extension without your password

When it comes to password managers, their mobile apps tend to get the most attention. But just as important are the browser extensions they offer. They can make or break the experience of using that platform. 1Password has one of the better ones I’ve used, and thanks to the company new 2.0 update, it’s becoming even more capable.

The headline feature is support for biometric unlock. As long as you have the desktop app installed on your computer, the plugin can open your vault using Touch ID and Windows Hello. To be clear, 1Password already supported those platforms on desktop, but today’s update makes it even faster to input your passwords into a website.    

1Password Touch ID unlock


The company has also made it easier to create, save and update logins directly from the extension. A tweaked interface will show you all the information 1Password is about to save to your vault. You can edit those details without opening the desktop app and add tags to help with organization. When you’re updating any login credentials, the refreshed interface also makes it easier to see what’s changing. Lastly, the extension now supports a dark mode so that it won’t look out of place next to your browser if you’ve skinned it that way.    

If you’re not a 1Password user, these may seem like small additions, but things like support for biometrics are features people have been asking the company to implement for a while. If you already have the extension added to your browser, you don’t need to go out of your way to update it. Your browser will automatically update to version 2.0.      

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