Microsoft rolls out the first Windows 11 preview

Windows fans and developers can get their first taste of Windows 11 today, as Microsoft has begun rolling out the first preview for Windows Insiders. The build will show off the operating system’s refined interface, with a centered taskbar and redesigned Start menu. But you’ll have to wait a bit for some of the more advanced features, like the integrated Microsoft Teams chat and Android app compatibility. To try out the Windows 11 preview build, you can sign up on the web or from the “Windows Insider Program” section in Windows 10’s settings. 

You’ll have to make sure your PC meets the Windows 11 minimum hardware requirements to test the preview build, naturally. (Microsoft is making an exception for systems that meet the Windows Insider program’s requirements though. Yes, it’s all very confusing.) Microsoft’s compatibility app will let you know if your system passes muster. It’s not the most transparent app, though. 

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