Former BioWare GM Casey Hudson starts new game studio


Less than a year after announcing his decision to , Casey Hudson has shared details on his latest project. The former Mass Effect producer took to Twitter today to announce the existence of , an independent game developer Hudson says he’s building “to unleash the creative freedom of developers” by “bringing innovation and artistry to players through an all-new IP.” The studio’s website indicates it’s hiring for a variety of senior positions.

Across two stints, Hudson spent more than 15 at BioWare. He was both a producer and director on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and later served as the creative director of the original . In 2014, he left the studio to join Microsoft only to return to BioWare in 2017 to take over as its general manager. When Hudson left the developer again last year, he said he was doing so to “make way for the next generation of studio leaders.”

Hudson isn’t the only former BioWare developer to strike out on their own. At the start of 2020, Wizards of the Coast announced it was working with Archetype Entertainment, a studio led by James Ohlen and Chad Robertson, to create a new sci-fi RPG franchise. The two have games like Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age and Neverwinter Nights on their resumes.

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