Ford unveils its electric F-150 with 300 miles of range and 563HP


When it comes to charging the truck up — vital for commercial customers who can’t afford down time and day to day drivers who just need to get around, Ford has several options. It has access to 63,000 charging plugs via FordPass, and if you can find a 150-kilowatt DC fast charger, the extended range model uses dual onboard chargers to get up to 54 miles of range in 10 minutes, and charge for 15 to 80 percent in 41 minutes.

At home, things will be a bit slower, although there are multiple ways to top off your battery cells for the night. Connected to a 240v outlet, the mobile charger can add 21 miles per charging hour (and just three on a standard 120v plug). That means the 240v plug will take 14 hours to charge from 15 percent to 100 percent on a standard range-equipped truck, and 19 hours for the extended. If you set up Ford’s 48amp Connected Charge Station things get faster, at 10 hours and 13 hours, while the 80amp Ford Charge Station Pro cuts the time for a 15 to 100 percent charge down to just 8 hours, if you have a dual charger-equipped extended range model.

F-150 Lightning charging house


That power can flow the other way too, including at home if you have the Charge Station Pro, where Ford says that its extended range truck can keep your home going during an outage for up to three days. It can take over powering the house automatically, and switch back to charging the vehicle automatically when the electricity comes back on. Ford exec Ryan Gorman said ““F-150 Lightning is built for seamless transitions between charging your vehicle and powering your house when needed – and Ford is the first in the U.S. to offer this capability on an electric truck.” Eventually, the company plans to offer Intelligent Power, a feature that lets owners rely on their truck’s battery during high cost peak-energy hours.

If you’re away from home at a job or camp site (and definitely not goofing around playing Mario Kart) its Pro Power capabilities outpace even the hybrid model. Base models can pump out 2.4Kw of power, while higher end models can deliver 9.6Kw of power, divided between 2.4 up front and 7.2 through the cab/bed outlets. That’s more than even the hybrid version, and since there’s no gas motor to rely on once the battery is drained, the truck can send its owner a notification when battery power drops to less than a third of its range. You can also set it up to automatically cut off power output if it gets close to the level you’ll need to reach the nearest charging station.

F-150 Lightning


That’s the kind of thing Ford has built-in to address range anxiety fears, with intelligent range calculation that includes a scale to take into account payload, towing, weather and traffic. The Power My Trip route planner can figure out navigation based on available charging stations, with future updates planned that will include calculations for more weather conditions and elevation changes.


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