Facebook Gaming rolls out Fan Groups to help streamers and fans stay connected

Facebook is rolling out a new type of group, but only for Gaming creators for now. Streamers can take advantage of several new features in Fan Groups. Among them is a way to organize topics into threaded discussions. Those can be moved into chat channels (similar to channels in a Discord or Slack server). Any badges a viewer earns during a stream will be available in the Fan Group, so they can show others that they’re an engaged member of the community. 

There’s a new type of post called Looking for Players. The idea is to help users find people to play games with from within a streamer’s community, so it’s a looking for group feature. You can state how many people you’re looking to team up with and you’ll see a waitlist when all the spots are full.

Elsewhere, Facebook says it has improved Fan Group discovery, with the idea of helping streamers build their communities and fans to stay connected. When a streamer stops broadcasting, viewers will see a suggestion to join their Fan Group. People who engage with the creator’s page will also be informed about the Fan Group.

This is another move from Facebook to make Gaming a more attractive option for streamers than the likes of Twitch or YouTube. Facebook has billions of users that streamers can tap into in order to build their communities. Fan Groups should help streamers and fans stay connected outside of livestreams — meaning they can keep the conversation on Facebook, instead of moving to a separate platform such as Discord. Additionally, the company recently said it won’t take a cut of creators’ earnings until 2023.

Fan Groups are now available to partnered Facebook Gaming creators. Level Up creators will gain access in the coming weeks.

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