Edit videos with no prior experience using Camtasia

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Popular video editing programs like , Final Cut and DaVinci Resolve offer useful features that give editors total control over their timeline, color grading, special effects and more. However, they also have steep learning curves, which can turn away potential users who are simply looking to mash together clips from their weekend vacation.

If you need an app that’s user friendly and accessible while still offering professional-caliber tools, Camtasia should be on your radar. It’s designed for editors across skill levels, including professionals, students and hobbyists. Right now, this , or 33 percent off.

Camtasia is a broadly appealing editing program. It offers many of the fun, easy-to-use effects that one might see in programs like iMovie along with the straightforward functionality of industry heavyweights like Premiere Pro and After Effects. You’ll be able to choose from over 100 transitions between scenes and slides to improve your workflow or add flavor to a changing shot, and you can make use of pre-made animations to bring your video to life. Camtasia also pairs with the TechSmith Capture app to directly record from your screen so you can add gesture effects and simulate other visuals.

Camtasia lets you create new, pro-grade presentations or modify an existing one. You can import PowerPoint files or other videos, edit them and add any effects you want with the easy-to-use drag and drop functionality. With many programs, video editing can be a slog, but with Camtasia, most of the work is done simply by moving things into place. If you’re looking to create a new video, you can also make use of any template from Camtasia’s library. If you like the style and configurations you’ve used for a particular project, you can even save them to save you time on future projects.

With Camtasia, you’ll enjoy competitive features that produce professional work while balancing accessibility. This program normally costs $299, but .

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