EA is reportedly developing a ‘Dead Space’ remake

EA is reportedly working on a remake of Dead Space. You read that right. After more than eight years of the franchise collecting dust,  reports EA has tasked its to develop a of the first game in the series. According to writer Jeff Grubb, fans should expect an experience that uses the original game as a “strong foundation,” but features modern visuals and gameplay tweaks introduced in later Dead Space games.

Grubb first hinted at the possibility of the series coming back during an episode of the , saying EA would announce a revival at its upcoming Play event on July 22nd. and later corroborated his claims, noting they had heard similar information. It’s also worth noting Grubb was the first person to report that EA was working on . And while it’s always good to be skeptical, there have been other tantalizing hints that EA will resurrect Dead Space. Just yesterday, someone noticed the company had updated the official following years of inactivity to change the channel’s profile picture. With EA Play a mere three weeks away, we won’t have to wait long to see if the rumors are true. 

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