Candace Parker is NBA 2K’s first female cover athlete

Twenty two years after the debut of , the basketball sim series will feature a woman on the cover of the game . Two-time WNBA MVP and 2016 WNBA Finals MVP Candace Parker features on the front of the WNBA 25th Anniversary Special Edition of NBA 2K22.

Parker is one of several basketball stars to feature on NBA 2K22 packaging. Luka Dončić is the cover athlete on the standard edition of the game, while the NBA 75th Anniversary Edition features Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The WNBA 25th Anniversary Special Edition is a GameStop exclusive (Canadians can pick it up from EB Games). It’s a physical edition for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and it features a bundle of seven exclusive in-game WNBA jerseys, including one for Parker. It costs and it will be available on September 10th.

Although it’s taken a long time for 2K to put a female athlete on the cover of an NBA game, it’s a positive step forward for representation. NBA 2K20 was the first 2K game to , and a WNBA version of the MyPlayer career mode .

EA has been in its sports titles over the last several years. It beat 2K to the punch by . EA put women on the cover of a FIFA title . FIFA 2016 was the first edition of the series .

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