Anova’s Nano sous-vide cooker drops to $99 at Amazon and Best Buy

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Home chefs looking to experiment more should give sous vide cooking a try, but that’s easier said than done if you’re starting from scratch. Many sous vide machines cost hundreds of dollars, but those looking to give the method a go don’t have to spend that much now thanks to a new sale on Anova’s Precision Cooker Nano. Both Amazon and Best Buy have the device for $99, which is $30 off and a return to the best price we’ve seen all year.

Buy Anova Precision Cooker Nano at Amazon – $99 Buy Anova Precision Cooker Nano at Best Buy – $99

A machine like the Nano is the most important piece of equipment you’ll need for sous vide cooking that you probably don’t already have in your kitchen. The method involves cooking food in a sealable bag that’s submerged in heated water. The Precision Cooker Nano and other devices like it constantly circulate the water and keep it at the right temperature, ensuring your food is never over- or undercooked.

The Nano is the entry-level machine in Anova’s lineup, making it the right pick for sous vide newbies. It uses 750 watts of power to heat up water and it’ll run for up to 3,000 hours before it needs to be recharged. With that amount of power, you’ll be able to easily cook meals for up to four people.

Aside from wattage and battery capacity, it differs from the more advanced devices in Anova’s lineup in its clamp and connectivity. It has a fixed clamp, rather than a removable and adjustable one, that you’ll use to secure the machine to your cooking pot. It also connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth rather than WiFi, but that still gives you access to the customizable controls in the Anova mobile app. You can set the cooking time and keep track of your cook while it’s cooking in the app, plus the app gives you access to a bunch of recipes you can try, too. While it may be tempting to spring for the standard, $199 Precision Cooker for it extra power and battery life, the Nano is arguably the best choice for home cooks who want to give a new method a try without spending too much money upfront.

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