‘A Plague Tale: Requiem’ revives a cult hit on Xbox and PC in 2022

A Plague Tale: Innocence was a surprise hit for Asobo (which went on to make Flight Simulator), and now the studio is returning to its roots. The developer has revealed A Plague Tale: Requiem, a “second chapter” in Amicia and Hugo’s quest to survive both swarms of disease-ridden rats and the Inquisition. There isn’t much to say about the story at this stage, but it’s clear the series has received a visual upgrade for Xbox Series X/S and Windows PCs — there are scenes in the trailer that border on photorealism.

Requiem is due to reach the newer Xbox consoles and PCs sometime in 2022. It will be a Game Pass title on “day one,” Microsoft said. It looks promising, but the challenge will be to improve on the first game’s survival horror formula without losing the atmosphere that made it special.

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