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Happy Sunday! I just wanted to say another thank you so much to everyone who has been so supportive of my Sydney Grace collaboration. As my personal way to celebrate, I’ve gone back to vivid hair color as an ode to the colors of the collaboration (hair done by Lauren Krech, I paid in full my service, but she does great work if you are in the Phoenix area).

Thank you for reading Temptalia, whether you’re new or long-time, because without your readership, the collaboration would never have even been possible! Thank you to the readers who have encouraged me to collaborate over the years. Thank you to the readers who have left comments or liked my color story/color combo posts and made me think, “hmm, maybe I could do something people would like!”

I appreciate everyone’s support, whether that comes in the form of a comment, a simple like on a post, or an actual purchase. It all goes a long, long way to making Temptalia possible!

Some reflection ahead! 10 years ago, I collaborated with MAC Cosmetics and launched a single eyeshadow (Jealousy Wakes) on June 21st. It wasn’t planned as such, but it is incredible that it ended up being nearly 10 years to the day since–so I ended up revisiting that process and what I did to support that launch. It really IS the Temptalia way because even 10 years ago, I shared an in-depth look at the process and provided dupes/comparisons. I find the process part of the journey fascinating — I wish more collaborators would touch on the hardest parts, the easiest parts, what they loved or how a shade changed over time.

Temptalia will celebrate its 15th anniversary this October, so it is extremely special to be able to be here and have created these palettes based on what readers felt was missing from existing releases, what kind of colors/color stories seemed to get the most likes/feedback over the years, and what kind of colors I’ve always loved but never felt like there were enough of.

We are ecstatic over how it is gone–we were so hoping that the amount stocked wouldn’t result in a quick sellout. We wanted people to have time to purchase. I’m so lucky to work with Sydney Grace on this project because they’ve let me have so much control over every aspect of the collection; from the color stories to the textures to the names to the artwork to how to market. They let me execute my vision without compromise. They align with my desire to do better by readers/customers–that meant not making it ultra limited edition, being transparent and upfront about the collection and process, and getting the product right.

I also want to say a very, very special THANK YOU to the Temptalia Discord for their encouragement, support, and constructive feedback. They were the ones that gave me that extra nudge to reach out to Sydney Grace to begin with. They helped me through some of the harder moments during the process, and I always felt supported but that they would always provide real, honest feedback/commentary. I am fortunate to have such intelligent, logical, and reasonable readers across the board.



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