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“The Fusion series are an iteration of this Mini Base brush, all of the brushes with the same materials but in new shapes, sizes or density.

Bundled together, these natural and synthetic fibers are going to work complementing the advantages of each, while at the same time compensating for their respective disadvantages. The structure of the natural bristle is going to bring some airiness by spacing the bristles, preventing clumping and they contribute to a more powerful grip. Natural goat bristles have the capability to absorb the excess oils or moisture which will result in a more flawless blend.

A 100% synthetic brush may sometimes lack in grip or buffing power, the bristles may have the tendency to stick together when working with creams and liquids. The structure of the natural bristle is going to help mitigate this issue and prevent a streaky application. On the other hand, synthetic bristles have many benefits and they will facilitate the glide and the diffusion of the product, it really is a continuous effort of both types working together!” — Sonia G

June 22nd, 10AM PT

Products in the Launch

Soft Concealer, $30.00 (Permanent)

The bristles of the Soft Concealer are a bit longer and have more movement in comparison to the Jumbo Concealer so the application is softer and more diffused. The Soft Concealer is very appropriate when we aim for a softer gradual application, the Jumbo Concealer will deliver a more decisive and opaque placement.

This Soft Concealer is a smaller version of the Mini Base brush. [Sonia] uses it mainly with concealers but also to place and diffuse the eyeshadow primer, it’s the size of a fingertip at the very top. It looks similar to the Detail Pro, but the Soft Concealer is denser and shorter at the tip. You can also use it for powders, all over the lid or to set your concealer, it’s not as fluffy as the Detail Pro but it remains soft and flexible. (More details.)

Jumbo Concealer, $32.00 (Permanent)

This Jumbo Concealer offers more precision and opacity in comparison to the Soft Concealer, it has less movement in the bristles in order to work more easily with thicker textures or when we aim for more intensity with a heavier placement. It has a pinched ferrule (not round) with a generous thickness, we can use the sides or the tip of the brush depending on the precision we require. (More details.)

Mini Base, $40.00 (Permanent)

It’s a very versatile brush that can handle foundation application on the entire face or work on smaller areas. It’s like a bridge brush between concealer and foundation: it can do both depending on your needs but it is also the perfect size for cream blush and cream contour. (More details.)

Classic Base, $55.00 (Permanent)

This Classic Base brush has a working surface of approximately 22mm at the top, which is ideal for foundation and very versatile with various products or formulas. This brush pairs very well with many foundations, also cream foundations that are packaged in compacts, sticks or pans.

The bristles bend smoothly as they move across the structure of our face, this allows for an even application and they don’t feel aggressive on sensitive skin. There is no need to put pressure and it’s recommended to start with little product and see how the grip and the intensity builds. The blending won’t disturb the base or foundation you have underneath, but keep in mind that it depends on what products are layered and how they set. (More details.)

Jumbo Base, $68.00 (Permanent)

This is the swipe-and-go brush for liquid foundation application. It’s big, but the slanted shape facilitates the application around the eyes and nose and blends effortlessly.

This is the brush [Sonia] uses with my liquid foundations. The technique is different if you compare it with the Classic Base, this is more a press-and-glide motion, short or medium strokes, whatever fits your product best, but you don’t need to use too much pressure as this is not necessary. (More details.)

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