Sephora Spring Sale 2022 – Dates, Code, FAQ

Sephora Spring Savings Event 2022
Sephora Spring Savings Event 2022

Sephora’s Spring Savings Event 2022 is less than a month away, and it definitely feels like a sign of the “times” that we’re hearing about it directly from Sephora on their website this far in advance.

Sephora Spring Savings Dates for 2022

The event opens at different times depending on your Beauty Insider tier with Rouges having first access to the event beginning April 1st, and the sale ending for all tiers on April 11th.

  • ROUGE: 20% off with code SAVESPRING, 4/1 through 4/11.
  • VIB: 15% off with code SAVESPRING, 4/5 through 4/11.
  • INSIDER: 10% off with code SAVESPRING, 4/7 through 4/11.

Sephora Sale FAQ

Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions that come up before and during Sephora’s Spring Savings Event.

When is Sephora’s Spring Sale Event start in spring 2022?

The sale begins April 1st and ends April 11th. Please note that the sale is for 1) Beauty Insiders only (free to sign-up, and the lowest tier is 10% off), and 2) the date you have access to the event is determined by your Beauty Insider Tier. Rouges get access beginning April 1st, VIBs get access beginning April 5th, and Insiders get access beginning April 7th. It ends April 11th for everyone.

What is the Sephora spring sale code to use?

The code is SAVESPRING for all Insider tiers.

What time does the Sephora sale start online?

It starts 12:01AM PT on April 1st for Rouges, April 5th for VIBs, and April 7th for Insiders. Sephora operates using PT as they are headquartered in San Francisco, so their promotions typically start at 12:0AMPT or end at 11:59PM PT on the respective date.

Is the Sephora sale code one time use? How many times can you use the Sephora sale code?

You can use the code as many times as you want online and in-store.

What to buy during the Sephora sale?

We recommend purchasing brands and products that are exclusive to Sephora, rarely on sale, or are items that you have been needing to purchase (e.g. your favorite moisturizer that you’re almost out of). It is worth noting that many brands run 15% or better sales throughout the year directly, and some retailers offer similar discounts at other points in time. The sale is decent but not so incredible that one should be indiscriminate about shopping it!

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